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Prestressing on construction site (post-tensionioning technology) has been largely used all over the world for many years. It is one of the most promising direction for the development of cast reinforced concrete in modern construction.

In response to current needs, modern architects prefer to make large, free, useful spaces and flexible planning with possibility to easily transform it. Post-tensioning technology meets all these requirements allowing to create large spans with little columns and thicker slabs.


Installation of post-tensioning slabs has many advantages: – Savings of materials

– Reduced load on foundation slab

– Reduced span length

– Balanced  vertical loads and smaller vertcal deformations of the slab;

– Reduced deflections;

– Increased usable space;

– Less construction time and labour costs;


Post-tensioning can be effectively used in following structures:

– Parkings

– Commercial and office buildings

– Underground parking cover and stylobation

– Foundation slabs

– Industrial floors

– Transfer beams (where the column spacing is changing floor-by-floor from bigger to lesser value).

– Cantilevers


Descon proposes design, delivery and installation of post-tensioning system.

For 12 years of works we designed and built more than 1 mln m2 of post-tensioning slabs.

1. Проект


Among our projects in St. Petersburg we can list the following:

– Shopping center Okhta Mall (SRV)

– Parking for Residential Complex Oland (NCC)

– Underground parkings for Residential Complex Sunday (SPb Renovatsiya)

  • 7th construction stage of Nokian Tyres plant

And others.


Architecture is complicated concept. It cannot progress without implementation of modern design solutions which meets current requirements. They should create comfort life environment in accordance with function of a building. Post-tensioning system is one of the tools that allows architecture to progress and keep up with the times.

At the preliminary stage of cooperation our engineers offer free consultations for architects and designers and prepare alternative solutions using post-tensioning system. Only if the Client becomes interested in our solution, we start the dialogue about contractual terms. We will gladly reply to all your requests and demands.


Article has been published in magazine Architectural Peterburg No.3(46)2017