Any Client, who invests its money, wants to obtain the most effective result from his investment. Effectiveness can be achieved in different ways:
consult_01 • Reduction of direct construction costs (reduction of unit price and quantity of materials and works needed) • Speeding-up of construction process, which means time saving • Increasing the value of final product (building or any other structure), therefore the Client has a possibility to gain more at the exploitation stage • Reduction of costs at the exploitation stage.
These are the principles on which Descon builds its work. Our main aim is to help the Client to find optimal and the most effective solution for reinforced concrete frame. Первый этап на этом пути – консультирование. The first step on this way is consulting. We review the existing project of the Client and present our alternative solution. Sometimes our solution is much more effective than the original one. But sometimes we understand that the application of post-tensioning system doesn’t have any additional value or profit for the Client. So the Client receives our offer, review it, and only after that he can make a decision about cooperation with us.


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Every year we calculate dozens and even hundreds of alternative projects, but only part of them finishes up with the contract and execution of project. Every project is unique and has its own engineering, technical, social, economic and bureaucratic characteristics that limit the realization of even the most economically effective alternative solution. Nevertheless the major part of our projects started from alternative solution. This fact is confirmed by dozens of finished projects and complex economic efficiency for our Clients.


We are always glad to receive new requests for review of existing projects and development of preliminary alternative solutions. Please, feel free to contact us and send us your project for review!