Design of post-tension system


Descon makes calculations and prepares required project documentation for post-tensioned structures in order to apply it in construction of civil or industrial buildings, sports or other facilities. We have all necessary permits and certificates for design. All our design projects are made in accordance with the European standards – Euro Code (EC2) or in compliance with the Russian standards SNiP/SP.


Design of post-tensioning structures is made using such latest software as ADAPT and SOFiSTiK AG. This software allows us to do complex design calculations for buildings and structures. In particular, for reinforced-concrete buildings and parkings, slab-on-ground, foundation, load-bearing beams and bridge structures.


Development of new post-tension project

You can place an order for the design of your post-tension project. Such progressive construction method as post-tensioning has many advantages expanding architectural and structural possibilities and solutions. Technical and economic benefits of post-tensioning technology can be assessed already at the design stage. It should be noted that this technology among other things allows reducing the costs of materials and speeding up the construction process.

Optimization of an existing project

Quite often the implementation of an existing project with monolithic reinforced concrete can be optimized reducing total costs and improving overall structural performance. In practice it can be achieved by applying post-tensioning structural elements that can support necessary loads. Optimization of the existing project also enables to achieve improved economic performance and reduce the time of construction.