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20170131103812 The construction of 7-storey business-center ARKA, built with post-tensioning system, is being completed in Lithuanian city Kaunas. This project is distinguished by its unusual design solutions. Particularly, first two storeys of business center are devided into two parts by narrow passage and form an arc. Due to that the building actually got its name. The rest 5 storeys are erected above this passage.


Such architectural concept became possible due to Descon design solution. We used unbonded post-tension system for slabs of business center which allowed to create large spans. To sustain design load we implemented transfer beams. For these beams we used bonded post-tension system. The length of transfer beams is 16, 20 and 21,5 metres. Ultimate load on one beam is 390 ton.


For this project we used galvanized strands to provide additional structural safety.