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Typically most clients and designers consider post-tension technology from the perspective of materials savings, faster cast-in-place frame erection, decrease of load on pile field and other direct cost advantages. However there are more important advantages, which are usually forgotten – architectural possibilities which post-tensioning technology implies. Architectural solutions, in their turn, are often more important than simple material and time savings; they create the product of higher quality working on its investor not only on construction stage, but also during all operation period. Let’s look at some examples of such solutions.


Transfer beams.


Unique engineering solution allowing to create large spans in lower part of the building, keeping the standard column grid on higher floors due to mounting of one or two columns on transfer beam.


    – Business center «ARKA», Kaunas, reinforced concrete post-tensioned beam, length 20 m, height 1,2 m. Column spacing above the beam is about 6 m. The building has large free space of entrance lobby and first commercial floors.


  • – Commercial center «Okhta Mall», St. Petersburg, reinforced concrete post-tensioned beams, length 48 m, spans 16 m. Column spacing above the beam is 8 m. There is an entrance for cargo transport in loading/unloading area of hypermarket.




This solution is very popular in the Western countries and underestimated in our country. It allows to use available space to the fullest:


  • Арена_заменить
  • – “Zalgiris” Arena, Kaunas, Lithuania. Cantilever 5,26 m in length helped to create maximum closeness of  stectators’ seats to play field, and, thus, compactness.


  • – Business center «Aizkulises», Riga, Latvia. Building with unique facade looking like Gaudi masterpieces. There is no identical elements of the facade, each one is unique.

  • – Residential complex “Ciekurkrasti”, Adazi, Latvia. Building’s cantilever is 4 m. It supports 3 beams 1,200 mm high. Several floors, basically, hang over the water. It is such decisions that make buildings premium ones.

There are many examples of such original solutions. Each of them is limited only by Designer’s imagination, skills and ambitions. Specialists of our company are qualified and ambitious engineers who are constantly searching for optimal original solutions and are always ready to meet most original engineering requests of our clients.

4. БЦ Aizkulises_Рига