company_01.jpg Company has started as the Project Bureau, developing modern engineering solutions for cast reinforced concrete using post-tensioning system. From the start Descon followed the modern trends in design of post-tension structures due to application of latest software, cooperative partners from different parts of the world and trainings and educational programs for our own team. Step by step company expanded its activity and finally became a supplier of ready-made post-tension solutions. Today we design, supply equipment and materials, carry out already designed projects on construction site.

Having started on Latvia construction market more than 10 years ago, Descon significantly expanded the area of its activity.

Today we are successfully working on the markets of Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Belarus. company_02.jpgcompany_03.jpgcompany_04.jpg

company_05.jpg So far our company designed and installed more than 1 million of post-tensioned floors.


Our aim is and always will be to optimize the existing solutions, which can lead to significant cost saving for the construction of cast-in-place frame, and provide conceptually new product in terms of performance characteristics.